Property Development Course


6 week course Coming soon …..and will run each Wednesday evening live and interactive on zoom

Unlock Your Potential in this Fantastic Area of Property Developing and Take Advantage Of The Generous Grants Being offered By Government To Revamp Some Of These Run Down Properties Around The Country.

Land Development explained:

Land development is a major profit turner if you have the correct knowledge and the correct team around you.

Here at Platinum Property Training – We are offering you all the knowledge that we use to embark on these projects daily. There is a huge opportunity to make large profits for those that are willing to learn the correct systems and know how to utilize the resources given during our training.

This course is more than just a weekend course where you will take the information and leave with no follow-up! We have created an in-depth course for you, over a longer timeframe, where you will have mentors on hand for the 6 weeks so each week you can ask questions and have support from our team while you complete the course.

This course is all backed up online so you can rewatch it for the duration of the 6 weeks.

Commercial to residential conversions are huge here in Ireland at the minute. We can all see the banks closing down all over Ireland and the government is moving forward with these projects with no planning permission required on most sites. We also see the number of commercial units run down and available all over most towns all over Ireland. These are hidden gems if you can unlock the power of conversions.

Our mentor Lorcan Donaldson has built up a huge portfolio in the UK and is in the middle of his latest deal, a bank conversion to both commercial and residential units. Lorcan will showcase this deal and show how he secured this lucrative deal, his refurb journey on the deal, along with his exit plans.

We will also teach you the art of flipping land deals for huge profits without the need to develop these deals yourself in some cases.

Our mentors have done it all, anything they will speak about they have mastered! They will show you the necessary process and steps you need to take to make this happen for yourself.

The potential profits in commercial to residential conversion can be huge and we can show you case studies of ours.

We can show you case studies of land development flips, turning a huge profit without developing.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from professional experienced property investors that have made the mistakes that you now get to avoid.

Who is this event for

  • Just Getting Started or Interested in Starting in Land Development?

    Have you thought about developing a piece of land into multiple property units or thought about getting planning on land and selling it to a developer hands off? Does the lack of experience daunt you? Here at Platinum, our mentors have been in the same situation at one time and can guide you step by step through the whole process.
  • Just Getting Started Are You Already Involved In Land Development or Commercial To Residential But Want To Scale?

    This course will be helpful for beginners, but also for those that have maybe completed a project or two and made some mistakes and want to learn more. Platinum’s belief is that each day is a learning day and nobody knows it all, we are all learning every day.
  • Want To Build Wealth For Early Retirement?
    This course is designed to guide you every step of the way on building serious wealth for the future. One deal could potentially supplement your pension and allow you to live the lifestyle you desire in your golden years.
  • Want To Build Your Dream Home?
    Do you have a dream of building your own home? This can be overwhelming, not to mention costly. We can show you the steps to take alongside land development so you can tick the boxes that will get you on the correct path to comprehend the steps of development. Making your dreams come true with the knowledge that avoids costly mistakes.


  • Goal Setting
  • Planning Your Investments
  • Unlocking Potential Investment Opportunities
  • Building Your Power Team
  • Raising Finance
  • Bridging Lenders
  • Planning Permission Process
  • Engineering
  • Targeting Potential Sites
  • Commercial To Residential Conversions
  • Health And Safety
  • Flipping Land With Planning Permission
  •  Exits

Lorcan Donaldson : BIO

Lorcan is a property investor/developer with 21 years of experience within the property construction sector.

Lorcan has built up a substantial property portfolio with experience in building properties in Ireland, the UK, and Australia.

Lorcan owns and operates a substructure groundwork construction company in the UK and specializes in  commercial to residential conversions as his main property investing strategy and this has allowed him to build his property portfolio to where it is today.

He also owns a beef finishing unit with his father-in-law in Ireland finishing on average 300 bulls per year.

Lorcan is a wealth of knowledge and is happy to share his experiences with you and guide you on the correct path to avoid the mistakes he has made during his property investing career.