To be a world class Property Training Company renowned for excellence in Property Protection, Accumulation, Extraction, and Retention. We empower, educate and support your journey to Lifetime Living Income through multiple strategies and structures in the property asset class. We drive yield by perfecting the exit strategy before the implementation strategy.

Our values

We believe in developing wealth through ethical investing strategies. Creating value through intelligent acquisition, optimizing refurb expenses, yield gap enhancement and tax planning are acceptable to us. Putting people out of their homes is not something we are about. Strategies that encourage property acquisitions and leaseback from pensioners are not promoted by this company. We get the fundamentals right. We create and follow behavioral financing techniques to ensure your portfolio is robust in times of unsavory economic climates. Anybody can buy property’s in an expanding market, educated property people can hold onto these properties in a contracting market. The true property champions are those that continue to maintain cash flow from these properties in recession.


Platinums existence is based on our founder’s experience, over 20 years experience in the property industry from cost management in construction, refurbs, flips, and more ensuring people are not a victim of unnecessary costs.

Our property interests are tailored to the Irish market. We want YOU to SUCCEED.


Fabulous mentoring

“Platinum helped me to invest property the right way and now I’ve gone from letting one house to letting 10 .”

K. Gorman

Highly Recommended

“Platinum have set me on to the road to investment success. I would highly recommend them”

A McDonnell

Intelligent Investment

“Amazing insights in how to invest intelligently in the Dublin property market. Looking forward to more courses.”

B. Carragher

Worth every cent

“Simple practical guides and instructions for investing in the property market in Dublin. Without a doubt, worth every cent.”

A J. Sherwin

Practical Advice

“Th Platinum team gave me practical investment advice that has substantially improved my rental yields”


Great Knowledge

“Great company, great knowledge and support network! Highly recommend, best money we ever spent!! “

S. Farrelly

Helping people invest in Irish property

  • Living in Ireland and want to know about multiple streams of property income? We have solutions for you through our training and mentoring programs.
  • If you are an Irish person who emigrated after the Celtic Tiger, we have property solutions for you to return home.
  • Moving to Ireland for the first time? We can guide you through the property purchase and rental economies.

Too many people have tried to go overseas to learn about property in those countries and then try to throw what they learnt at the Irish Property Market in the hope that it would stick. We did it too – this is why we came together to give the first, fully professional service property training by PROFESSIONALS! This does not need to happen anymore. For the first time, you can avail of a Centralised Property Training Program by people who can SHOW you how it’s done rather than TELL you how it’s done.

Platinum Property caters for everyone who would like to invest in the Irish property market

Accountability & Lifetime Partnership

Our Strategic Training and Coaching offering insist on accountability from our members. If you do not want accountability, then we are not for you! We bring ACCOUNTABILITY to our community!

Throughout all of our engagements, the focus is on Lifetime Partnerships. This is why people trust us to help develop Lifetime Living Income for themselves and the next generation.