What Happens When You Go Sale Agreed on a Property?

What Happens When You Go Sale Agreed on a Property? By Helen O’Keeffe Being in the market for a house or apartment requires a bit of time and effort – you have to focus on saving especially if you’re planning on purchasing with a mortgage plus attending viewings for prospective properties is time consuming. So … Read more

5 reasons house prices in Dublin are so ridiculously high

It’s hard to think that just ten years ago everyone was avoiding property like the plague. The prices were plummeting, credit was in very short supply, and the word ‘negative equity’ was on every investor’s lips. Fast forward to 2019, and house prices are almost back to their pre-crash levels.  They probably would be higher, … Read more

What you need to know about investing in buy-to-let

Investing in property is a great way to create some regular passive income for yourself, whether you end up owning the actual rented home or not. Like every investment, it has the potential to offer you some brilliant rewards, but as we all know, property is also not without its risks. So, if you’re wondering … Read more

5 ways to better manage your property investment

Getting into property is one of the most lucrative investments out there. You just can’t beat it as a long-term source of passive income. However, one thing you’ll quickly learn is that it’s not as straightforward as finding tenants, making repairs and collecting the rent. That’s whether you’re a hands-off property investor, a hands-on career … Read more