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Platinum Property provides Irish property mentoring by Irish Property Investors for people with no units, to single units to multi-family units – We open our strategies up to make you successful. We empower you to invest for lifetime living income, through multiple property strategies in the most tax-efficient structures. This is not a get rich quick mentoring academy – These DO NOT exist! Don’t let others tell you they do. We show you how to achieve property success in a conservative way where you won’t be subject to banks calling in loans should the economy waiver.

We look for instant equity before the property acquisition process, by planning the Tax and Exit strategies for lifetime living income – by investing in yourself through our training academy, you are creating a legacy for inter-generational wealth transfer. A motivated mentee will see their investment back within the first Training Program to create a lifetime of knowledge and value add that they can implement themselves.

Why Property Investment?

Property is an asset class that lets you experience capital growth on your money and a lenders money – at the same time. When this growth is compounded, the scalability of this success is endless. Position this against equities where the growth is limited to the equity you invest. Property allows you to enjoy steady, long term income when the stock market is volatile!


Platinum Property Training is hosting this event for Irish Property Entrepreneurs who are looking to embark on their property journey. Apart from the content, it is a great opportunity for you to meet, network, hear innovative ideas and find Joint Venture Partners.

Meet the Founders

Platinum Property Mentoring is positioned to help YOU – The Founders are Property Investors, each with unique skillsets that complement each other. These skills will help you to swerve the mistakes that the trio made throughout their careers.

Paul Green

Paul Green is a Construction Refurb Expert who holds multiple properties in his portfolio. His focus is on value-add in the purchase and refurb process. He has spent many years on the property circle and is determined to improve the quality of Irish Property Training.

Edward Collins

Edward Collins is a former School Headmaster, Entrepreneur and Property Investor. He has a passion for Process and Strategy and is the Brains behind the Mentoring And Training Academy. He owns Education and Mentoring Businesses in other Industries and will be the driver of the Platinum training business.